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Engineering Capabilities - CNC Turning

Doosan Puma 700LY CNC Turning Centre Live Tooling x 2 machines


X axis travel distance 400mm

Z axis travel distance 3300mm

 Y axis travel distance 200mm

 C axis 360 Swing Over bed 1140mm 

Swing over saddle 1000mm

Maximum turning diameter 750mm 

Maximum workpiece length 3250mm 

Maximum bar size 164mm

Steady 280mm


Fanuc Control 

Maximum weight on spindle, 

Chucking work 1400kg, 

Shaft work 8900kg

Mori Seiki SL35 CNC Lathe


X axis traverse 400mm

Z axis traverse 780mm 

Max Swing over cross slide 424mm 

Max Turn Dia 419mm 

Max Swing over bed 599mm 

Spindle Bore 90mm 

Fanuc Control

Mori Seiki NL2500 SY CNC Lathe


X axis traverse 260mm

Z axis traverse 795mm 

Y axis and Sub Spindle 

Max Swing over cross slide 755mm 

Max Turn Dia 366mm 

Max Turn Length 705mm 

Fanuc Control

Mori Seiki SL25 CNC Lathe


X axis traverse 300mm 

Z axis traverse 530mm 

Max Swing over cross slide 348mm 

Max Turn Dia 348mm 

Max Swing over bed 518mm 

Spindle Bore 75mm 

Fanuc Control

SL200 CNC Lathe


Max Turn 463mm 

Max Swing 680mm 

Chuck Size 203mm 

Max Bar Size 50mm 

Fanuc Control

Mori Seiki SL15 CNC Lathe



X axis traverse   300mm

Z axis traverse  380mm

Max Swing over cross slide  300mm

Max Turn Dia  160mm

Max Swing over bed  450mm

Fanuc Control 


Mori Seiki SV503 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centre


X axis traverse 800mm 

Y axis traverse 510mm 

Z axis traverse 510mm 

Comes with 360mm diameter 4th Axis Unit  

Working Surface 1100mm x 600mm Table load Capacity 1000kg 

Fanuc Control

Leadwell V30i Vertical Machining Centre



X axis traverse  760mm

Y axis traverse  510mm

Z axis traverse  610mm

Working Surface 890mm x 500mm

Table load Capacity 300kg

Fanuc Control

Mori Seiki NH8000 5 Axis Horizontal Machining Centre x 2 machines


X axis traverse 1400mm 

Y axis traverse 1200mm 

Z axis traverse 1200mm 

Tool Storage Capacity 230 tools 

Working Surface 630mm x 630mm 

Table load Capacity 800kg 

Fanuc Control

Mori Seiki SH-63 Horizontal Machining Centre


X axis traverse 840mm

Y axis traverse 760mm 

Z axis traverse 840mm 

Tool Storage Capacity 60 tools 

Working Surface 630mm x 630mm 

Max Workspace Height 1000mm 

Table load Capacity 1197kg 

Fanuc Control

Mori Seiki MH-63 5 Axis Horizontal Machining Centre


X axis traverse 1000mm Y axis traverse 850mm 

Z axis traverse 920mm 

Tool Storage Capacity 120 

Working Surface 630mm x 630mm 

Max Diameter 1100mm Dia x 1100 

High Table load Capacity 1500kg 

Fanuc Control 

Full B Axis

EDM Machinery

Agie Charmilles form 30 Die Sinking EDM Machine


X axis traverse 600mm 

Y axis traverse 400mm 

Z axis traverse 400mm 

Working Surface 800mm x 600mm  

Max Load Capacity 1000kg 

Max Work Piece Dim 1000mm x 700mm x 400mm

Charmilles Robofil 440 Wire EDM Machine


X axis traverse 550mm 

Y axis traverse 350mm 

Z axis traverse  400mm 

Working Surface 900mm x 600mm  

Max Load Capacity 1500kg 

Max Work Piece Dim 1000mm x 550mm x 220mm

Charmilles Robofil 290P Wire EDM Machine


X axis traverse 400mm 

Y axis traverse 250mm  

Z axis traverse 200mm  

Max Load Capacity 500kg 

Max Work Piece Dim 850mm x 495mm x 190mm

Manual Machines

Colchester Triumph 2000 Centre Lathe


Gap Bed 380mm x 762mm  

2 Axis

Colchester Triumph VS 2500 Centre Lathe


Gap Bed 80mm x 1270mm  

Swing over bed 400mm 

Swing cross slide 246mm

Harrison Alpha 550 CNC Gap bed lathe


Swing over bed 554mm 

Swing cross slide 370mm

XYZ KRV 3000 Turret Milling Machine


X axis traverse   813mm  

Y axis traverse   432mm 

Z axis traverse   406mm

Inspection Equipment

Mitutoyo Apex Euro C-A12 1210 Co-ordinate Measuring


X Axis 1200mm 

Y Axis 1200mm 

Z Axis 1000mm 

Bed size 2184mm x 1574mm  

Bridge size 1422mm x 939mm

Mitutoyo Quick Vision QVC-1


MITUTOYO QUICK VISION QVC-1 is a non-contact, CNC 3-D  vision measuring machine designed to meet diverse requirements  for measuring very thin, small, and complex or delicate components. 

Gauge Maker Model 90-MT3024-50


The Gagemaker MIC TRAC is a multi-use gauge setting system.  The system sets or zeros most gauges with the use of interchangeable anvils or blocks. Standard resolution of  base unit is 0.00005". Accuracies range from +/- 0.0001"  to +/- 0.0004" depending on the machine capacity.

High Performance Manufacturing software

Progress Plus


ProgressPlus is a comprehensive production planning and control system, demonstrating outstanding functionality and exceptional ease of use. 

It is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies involved in batch, short-run or one-off production. It brings administrative and production processes together into one integrated, smooth-running system that puts you firmly in control.

ProgressPlus combines tried and tested processes and innovative design to support all areas of your business and maximise your effectiveness for the following processes.   

  • Estimating 
  • Sales Orders 
  • Works Orders 
  • Purchase Orders 
  • Job Costing 
  • Time and Attendance  
  • Inventory and Stock Control Delivery Recording Invoicing and Credit Notes Quality Management 
  • Shop floor/SFDC 
  • CRM   

At its core, production planning represents the beating heart of any manufacturing process. Its purpose is to minimise production time and costs, efficiently organise the use of resources and maximise efficiency in the workplace.  Production planning incorporates a multiplicity of production elements, ranging from the everyday activities of staff to the ability to realise accurate delivery times for the customer. With an effective production planning operation at its nucleus, any form of manufacturing process has the capability to exploit its full potential.