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The Community and our Commitment

As a company, we are delighted to help and support our local community and take great pleasure in “helping make a difference” and give clubs, individuals and institutions a helping hand where we can.

This involves:

Inspiring the younger generation to get involved in engineering

We support schools, colleges and universities and have regular programmes for students to learn the basics of engineering and employ local staff. As part of this initiative, we’re proud to play a part in inspiring the younger generation to get involved in engineering.

This involves opening our doors to educate and inspire young people to achieve their potential. We offer placements to schools and colleges to understand and gain an insight in how we operate both on the shopfloor and within our office. With a bespoke training plan from enquiry to production, inspection to delivery, the student will receive a full 360 of how the manufacturing industry operates.

Developing young people within sport

Sport can play a huge part in a young person’s life, demonstrating many important life lessons about discipline, commitment and working as a team.

We are the main sponsor of Dundee East Community Sports Club. Our staff have over the last few months been involved in refurbishing the pavilion building for the 1500 members to utilise 7 days a week.

Donate to local charities

Every year we also donate to a number of local charities to help support their needs. This year has been no exception, with donations to Maggie’s Dundee and the Archies Foundation amongst many others.

“The moment you step into the building, you get a sense of the Quest’s extraordinary high standards. Precision isn’t exclusive to the engineering part of production, everything from the company branding to the machine layout in the factory have been organised in a deliberate manner to optimise efficiency and exude first-class quality. Their relentless drive to continually improve is evident as they harness technology, innovation, and training to deliver excellence, not only for the customer but for the dedicated Quest team. Gordon is a perfect representation of ‘lead by example’ and Quest reap the benefits by having a happy, committed, and high-performing workforce. It was a genuine pleasure to work with Quest – their hospitality was faultless.”